Adult Learning Techniques For Facilitators

  • by BrainMass
  • 6 videos
  • 48 minutes
This lecture reveals the secrets of world-class adult educators by introducing educators to the ways in which adults learn differently than children and offers practical suggestions for improving the effectiveness of their training programs. It describes the characteristics of adult learners and outlines an effective process for designing adult training. Several of the most prominent theories of adult learning are also reviewed, including andragogy, behaviorism, constructivism, transformative learning, and holistic learning. These theories are then used to inform facilitation techniques for adult educators. This lecture is ideal for adult educators, facilitators, and trainers with an overview of the characteristics of adult learners and the techniques most effective in teaching adult learning programs. It may also be helpful to university students who are studying education, particularly those interested in adult education in academic, corporate or government settings. No prior knowledge of adult learning theories is required.



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