Vancity has launched a new blog called Good Money by Vancity – tips on West Coast living. For those of you who haven’t heard Vancouver is considered one of the most expensive places to live in Canada,  It is also one of the most culturally diverse and beautiful places to live.  Along with beautiful scenery,  a plethora of year round sporting activity opportunities there are art galleries, any kind of restaurant or food truck you could want to try, a cutting edge fashion scene beside thriving technology, finance, tourism and film industry. There are incredible medical personnel who work in research , hospitals and support services.  Lots of people want to live in Vancouver but wonder how can they do it on a budget.  Vancity has put together a blog that shows you how you can eat, live, earn, play and think on a budget without sacrificing.  I am proposing an idea with contributing articles on how to do these things with textile arts.

Stay tuned! and Sew on everyone!

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Finished lap Quilts!

180Claudia's quilt I have to post a picture of my 2 “graduates” from the working hardbeginner quilt course with their quilts.   These gals were a real treat to teach.Selina's Quilt

Both really unique people and they brought some interesting ideas to the classroom. We had great conversations while they were learning to quilt and I feel like I made to new friends.

I taught at West Point Grey Community Centre.  The centre is located in a converted mansion. It has some truly beautiful wood work and original characteristics. A true Vancouver heritage site. One interesting thing I learned while teaching at WPG is that is the location that my parents had their wedding reception 55 years ago!

That’s what I call good karma!

Sew on!

What do you mean Christmas is only 9 days away????

This time of year is always so busy for sewists and textile artists as we “just finish up” that last project. I do have friends who manage to start and stay the course for quilts, clothes, hand-made cards etc., etc., to be done by December 1. Sadly I am not one of them. I always plan to be finished. I like to think I thrive on the challenge to complete just one more hand sewn gift or card, while listening to new and old Christmas songs, to be completed by the 24th.

But like a magpie I am always intrigued by new techniques and have to try them right away. My new find is a gal name Sue Spargo . She does the most incredible wool felting techniques. She makes folk art, modern. Sue was referred to me by a client at Fabricana Coquitlam where I teach and work in retail sales. Have you learned a new technique this year? Is there something you would like to learn?

Do you have a favourite tune you like to sew to during the holidays? This year my favourite is I believe in Father Christmas by Emerson, Lake & Palmer. What’s yours?


Sew On Everybody!christmas music wreath

Great read today in The Vancouver Sunday Province

Today in the Newspaper I was excited to read an apparent resurgence of handcrafts such as sewing, quilting and knitting! The secret is getting out about how much fun, relaxing and rewarding this can be for people of all ages, gender or socioeconomics.  As a teacher I have met such amazing people doing incredibly creative things with sewing. A young man who wants to make guitar cases, a palliative care nurse who sews handbags and then embroiders them for people, a elementary school principal who just wants to upgrade her skills so she can share with her students.

The internet is an incredible recourse for online courses. A great place to try is  Craftsy http://www.craftsy.com/blog/, or Sew Daily http://www.sewdaily.com/ and of course You Tube has a plethora of DIY videos for any handcraft you might like to try.

Be sure to check out  your local sewing, quilting, wool stores for classes and great ideas. These people are generally passionate about what they do and would love to help you try something new.

Sewing is not just for girls, so people dust off the sewing machine, grab some fabric and thread and see where it takes you!

Sew on everybody!

Jean Dilemma DIYs

this is a great blog that shows that ANYONE can fix or change their favorite jeans!

M&J Blog

Have you ever fallen in love so deeply that you overlook the bad, and highlight only the good? And then you get home and realize that the fit/shape/cut/color is all wrong? We’ve all fallen in love with a pair of jeans, that by all intents and purposes is perfect, except for one little setback. But one tiny problem can’t stand in the way  of true love, right? Right. With these simple DIY fixes, all of your jean dilemmas are a thing of the past. AND you won’t have to spend a dime on therapy afterwards, retail therapy that is.

Learn how to make your jeans a little more rough around the edges with this denim distressing DIY!

Does your favorite denim need darning? If your go-to pair needs a helping mend, use this DIY to make them almost brand new!

created at: 08/19/2013If your pair is picking up dust as you walk…

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