Vancity has launched a new blog called Good Money by Vancity – tips on West Coast living. For those of you who haven’t heard Vancouver is considered one of the most expensive places to live in Canada,  It is also one of the most culturally diverse and beautiful places to live.  Along with beautiful scenery,  a plethora of year round sporting activity opportunities there are art galleries, any kind of restaurant or food truck you could want to try, a cutting edge fashion scene beside thriving technology, finance, tourism and film industry. There are incredible medical personnel who work in research , hospitals and support services.  Lots of people want to live in Vancouver but wonder how can they do it on a budget.  Vancity has put together a blog that shows you how you can eat, live, earn, play and think on a budget without sacrificing.  I am proposing an idea with contributing articles on how to do these things with textile arts.

Stay tuned! and Sew on everyone!

Girl on a bike image courtesy of  The Button Nest’s Blog




Author: Susan

I love sewing. Whether it is garment sewing, doll making, quilting or creating your own fabrics to use with your home PC and printer! I will be sharing links and projects on this site that I have found and use. Teaching sewing to new sewers is my passion and I hope to one day teach, and continue my education, all over the world. I am currently enrolled in the Vancouver Community College Adult Education diploma program and this blog will be used in conjunction with the program. I look forward to your feed back and comments. Sew on!

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