What do you mean Christmas is only 9 days away????

This time of year is always so busy for sewists and textile artists as we “just finish up” that last project. I do have friends who manage to start and stay the course for quilts, clothes, hand-made cards etc., etc., to be done by December 1. Sadly I am not one of them. I always plan to be finished. I like to think I thrive on the challenge to complete just one more hand sewn gift or card, while listening to new and old Christmas songs, to be completed by the 24th.

But like a magpie I am always intrigued by new techniques and have to try them right away. My new find is a gal name Sue Spargo . She does the most incredible wool felting techniques. She makes folk art, modern. Sue was referred to me by a client at Fabricana Coquitlam where I teach and work in retail sales. Have you learned a new technique this year? Is there something you would like to learn?

Do you have a favourite tune you like to sew to during the holidays? This year my favourite is I believe in Father Christmas by Emerson, Lake & Palmer. What’s yours?


Sew On Everybody!christmas music wreath


Author: Susan

I love sewing. Whether it is garment sewing, doll making, quilting or creating your own fabrics to use with your home PC and printer! I will be sharing links and projects on this site that I have found and use. Teaching sewing to new sewers is my passion and I hope to one day teach, and continue my education, all over the world. I am currently enrolled in the Vancouver Community College Adult Education diploma program and this blog will be used in conjunction with the program. I look forward to your feed back and comments. Sew on!

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