Great read today in The Vancouver Sunday Province

Today in the Newspaper I was excited to read an apparent resurgence of handcrafts such as sewing, quilting and knitting! The secret is getting out about how much fun, relaxing and rewarding this can be for people of all ages, gender or socioeconomics.  As a teacher I have met such amazing people doing incredibly creative things with sewing. A young man who wants to make guitar cases, a palliative care nurse who sews handbags and then embroiders them for people, a elementary school principal who just wants to upgrade her skills so she can share with her students.

The internet is an incredible recourse for online courses. A great place to try is  Craftsy, or Sew Daily and of course You Tube has a plethora of DIY videos for any handcraft you might like to try.

Be sure to check out  your local sewing, quilting, wool stores for classes and great ideas. These people are generally passionate about what they do and would love to help you try something new.

Sewing is not just for girls, so people dust off the sewing machine, grab some fabric and thread and see where it takes you!

Sew on everybody!


Author: Susan

I love sewing. Whether it is garment sewing, doll making, quilting or creating your own fabrics to use with your home PC and printer! I will be sharing links and projects on this site that I have found and use. Teaching sewing to new sewers is my passion and I hope to one day teach, and continue my education, all over the world. I am currently enrolled in the Vancouver Community College Adult Education diploma program and this blog will be used in conjunction with the program. I look forward to your feed back and comments. Sew on!

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